Can I change the recruitment stages?

The stages and wording are built into the system and currently can't be customised. Additional stages can be awarded manually as bonus points. However, based on experience, we recommend sticking with the automated categories only, as they are easier for your busy admin users to manage.

Can I offer 0.5 points or 10 points = £1/€1/$1?

Sorry, not at the moment. The system is set up as 1 point = £1/€1/$1 because this makes the points system easy for your staff to understand.

Can I have a total budget of less than £100/€100/$100 per referral?

The total value of your 'points pot' is your choice. However, in our experience, organisations with a total pot of less than 100 see lower app engagement than those with 100+

Can I limit the number of points that are earned for sharing?

Yes! You can set a 'sharing cap' of either 5 or 10 points per month. Your staff will be able to share as often as they like, but they will only earn points for the first 5 or 10 shares each month. If you are nervous about sharing points, you can start with zero and increase later if you need to.

What is the new to care bonus?

When you join the Care Friends community, you become part of our our mission to grow the care sector with high quality staff. With this in mind, we believe that staff should be incentivised to refer friends with the right values, who haven't worked in the care sector before. The new to care bonus is awarded at the started work stage and only applies to candidates who have never had a paid role in care before.

Can I exchange points for 'prizes' instead of cash?

Some organisations do exchange points for an extra day of holiday or other things. If you would like to do this, please ensure that you have reliable internal processes in place to make sure the prize promise is easily fulfilled.

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