Bonus points are an instant and easy way to recognise and thank staff for their hard work, which increases app engagement and improves retention.

We have found that organisations that award bonus points regularly have a higher average uptake than those that don't use bonus points.

The most popular reasons for awarding bonus points are:

  • Covering extra shifts

  • Positive client feedback

  • Annual bonus

  • Making a difference during COVID-19

  • Thanks for hard work

  • Work anniversaries

You can find more examples along with guidance on how much to award by clicking HERE.

Awarding bonus points - a step-by-step guide

Step 1: Go to the 'Bonus Points' section in the left-hand menu of your portal.

Step 2: Click 'Award points':

Note: If you do not see the 'Award points' button then you may not have the relevant permissions to award bonus points. Your Care Friends lead will be able to check your account permissions and make any changes required.

Step 3: Select whether you would like to award bonus points to a single app user, multiple app users or all users at a site or the organisation by clicking on the 'award to' drop-down menu:

Note: The 'All registered and authorised users' option will award points to both those who have logged into the app at least once and those who are yet to log into the app but have been authorised to use the app.

Step 4: Choose the specific app user(s) or site from the next drop-down menu:

Step 5: Select a category from the next drop-down menu (click HERE to find out how to create a new category):

Step 6: Enter the number of points you would like to award. If the category you have selected has a fixed amount then you will not be able to edit this field.

Click on 'Next':

Step 7: The title and content for this category will be auto-filled, but you can make any edits you would like. If you are unable to click in the title and wording boxes then these are fixed for this category.

You can then add or change the image. To remove an image click on the 'x' icon and then click on the image file box to select a new image to upload. If the content for this category is fixed you will not be able to change the image.

Step 8: Click on 'Award':

A success message will briefly appear in the top right corner and the bonus points will be awarded and notification sent to the user/s selected.

If you have any questions about bonus points or anything else please get in touch by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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