When adding a new admin user you will be asked which permissions they require:

Permissions explained:

All admin users will be able to view the core pages of the portal.

If they need to update any part of the portal you will need to give them the relevant permission.

Here's a chart to explain who each permission is suitable for and what the permission will enable them to do in the portal.


Suitable for anyone who...

Functions that can be carried out with this permission

Edit candidate details and manage candidate progress

Deals with candidates and new starters. This could be anything from initially contacting them to induction and retention

Update candidate area, including updating the hiring stages and adding candidates manually

Allocate bonus points

Gives rewards and recognition for good work

Award bonus points to app users

Create/Edit bonus points categories

Oversees rewards and recognition for good work

Add or edit bonus point categories. Including assigning suggested or fixed content and the number of points to categories.

Approve payment requests

Deals with payment approval and/or payroll

Approve payment requests

Mark payment requests as paid

Deals with payment approval and/or payroll

Mark payment requests as paid

Send and edit notifications

All portal users

Schedule and send in-app notifications to app users.

Manage app users

Will need to add new starters to the portal to give them access to the app

  • Pre-authorise staff to use the app

  • Send invitations and reminders to download the app

  • Edit app user details

  • Remove points

  • De-activate app users

Manage admin users

Will need to add new admin users and edit or update their portal permissions

Invite new admin users and edit admin user permissions

Manage account settings

Super admin users

  • Edit scheme rules

  • Add sites

  • Customise the in-app welcome message

  • Update organisation details

Manage job settings

Deals with creating new job adverts

Adding, editing and activating jobs to be shared

Admin users will have access to all sites unless you specify a single site, click here to find out more.

If you have any questions regarding admin user permissions or anything else please get in touch by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

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