It is now possible to assign candidates and award bonus points to staff who have yet to log into the app, so when they do log in, the points are waiting for them. This feature really helps engagement, as knowing they have points waiting for them encourages staff to download the app.

As long as the person's details have been added to the portal so they have a status of 'authorised' or 'invited' (find out how to authorise a staff member HERE), you can select them as the referrer when adding a manual candidate or as a recipient when awarding bonus points.

If an email address has been added to the staff member's account, they will receive an automated email to let them know they have been awarded points, and the links to download the app:

If they have not logged into the app, they will receive a monthly email to inform them of the total number or points they have waiting for them on the app in order to keep encouraging them to download care Friends:

If you have any questions about awarding points to staff who are yet to log into the app, or anything else, please get in touch by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen.

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